Welcome to The west!

The Wild West—an era of exploration, discovery, corruption, and brutal justice. The western frontier is littered with small mining towns, dusty wagon trails, and family homesteads.
Prospectors, explorers, and businessmen all head west to find new opportunities to make money, the driving force behind just about everything that happens in the West. At the same time, outlaws head west to escape local authorities and gain a little more breathing room, while countless other greenhorns seek the action and adventure they hear so often described to them in western tales. And to make it even more diverse, the native population struggles to survive in a land taken from them.

You are one of these new westerners. This is the story of how you came to be one who tamed the west. What you found and what you conquered suprised even you.

A game where tall tales of the west are true and the world is wilder and stranger then you first thought. [Pulp western reminicent of the Wild Wild west and Brisco County Jr].

Lawman's Lament

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